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The team at A Star will tailor your silent auction for you from start to finish, understanding your full requirements and objectives. However, if you’d rather we took the reins and this is your first event, we can let you know all you need.  

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Paper bidding

A more traditional way of running a silent auction, but still super effective in raising valuable funds. This is perfect if you have a strict running order and want your auction to run in the background of all else you have going on. Our in-house designer (another fundraising expert) will develop a brochure in accordance with your branding, tailored to the specifications you desire.


Here we will have information on the event, the Charity, and of course a host of spellbinding auction lots. Each guest can write their bids in their individual brochures from the moment they sit down.

Tablets & Leaderboards 

We pride ourselves on giving our clients the market-leading fundraising technology for those more glamorous events. By tailoring our bespoke auction technology to tie in with your unique fundraising campaign, we can take the funds we raise to the next level. By having guests engaging with state-of-the-art tablets and various implemented bidding modes, they can see their name up in lights on leaderboards, driving excitement and competition. 

Why A Star love technology? When the competition hots up in the room to finish above the rest for that auction item of a lifetime, the funds that are raised can rocket!



Since lockdown one first hit the UK, we have delivered over seventy online auctions, still wanting to raise funds when they were needed more than ever. Your fundraising expert will develop a unique branded website, jam-packed with information and messages you want to share. This URL can be shared as far and wide as possible on email campaigns, social media handles, and even WhatsApps to raise incredible awareness. Where we were reaching hundreds at an event, we are now reaching thousands worldwide, finding new support, and providing all the necessary marketing tools. 

Why A Star love online auctions? Our clients can find new supporters for life overnight. Our expert needs nothing from you to create your very own website in as little as 24 hours. 

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